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April 21st, 2007
03:28 am


It's me again. Now I am being obnoxious. 3 posts in one night? PLEEEAASSEE!! However, I edited a pic down to 100 X 75 for an icon but I can't figure out how to upload it. Myspace is much easier! Will someone please tell me how?

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03:01 am


Ok, so how do I get to the ER4U community from home? LJ is so complicated!

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01:52 am


My Kitties Foster Mom
I received a copy of the contract from her that I signed with the agreement to get a microchip hightlighted and the part agreeing to return him to her if I should decide to not keep him highlighted. I had sent her a nice e-mail letting her know how he is but I mentioned that he doesn't seem to know his name. He's 2 years old and was with one owner but some people neglect to teach cats their names. I also mentioned that I was interested in getting a kitten. I didn't hear back from her and then I got that contract. I assumed that my e-mail, even though I said many good things about him, upset her. I assumed that she thought I was looking to replace Gatsby. I wrote her an e-mail asking about the contract and she assured me that that wasn't her intent. *sigh of relief* I told her that I think that both Tribble and Gatsby will more readily adapt to another kitty--a kitten--better than they have to each other. She agreed and said that she would watch for a kitten for me.

I saw adorable kittens on PetFinder.com but the foster mom wanted $150.00 for them. I just didn't have that much money and David said that she wanted too much. *cry* They were adorable and only 7 weeks old. Then I saw Maine Coon kittens and they were $100.00. They were adorable too. They were also 7 weeks old. I have $80.00 dollars to my name right now. I'm socking that money away for a kitty.

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April 18th, 2007
11:56 pm


Does anyone here watch American Idol? SANJAYA GOT VOTED OFF! HOORAY!!! I've been waiting for this for weeks now. I was surprised to see Blake in the bottom 3. From what I know, he's pretty popular. He wasn't bad last night but his performance compared to many of the others was weak. He's from the Seattle area. Chris who wasn't very good wasn't in the bottom 3--Lakisha was. I wasn't surprised by Lakisha being in the bottom but I was surprised that Chris escaped that. She was pretty bad last night. Chris has a very nasal voice. Simon said that to him and Chris back talked him and said that that was a singing style. I thought that he would apologize tonight but he didn't. I wish that he would work on that nasal quality instead of justifying it.

Phil isn't my favorite but I feel that he has gotten some unfair criticism in the past. I liked his rendition of Night & Day. Simon even attacked him because he doesn't like his eyes. Now what does that have to do with singing? Anyway, Phil was great last night and got a lot of praise. That's what I wanted. I don't want him to win but I wanted him to have at least one good night before he gets voted off. I voted for him and Chris last night even though my favorite was Melinda. She didn't need my votes.

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